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Get unparalleled ABA support for your child with ASD.


We believe in you.


We understand you.

ABA Therapists in Atlanta, GA


We value you.

When you think ‘I can’t’,
We think ‘You can.’

ASD presents many day-to–day challenges. Our experienced and compassionate Georgia team offers high quality support that makes progress possible.

Parent Training in Atlanta and Alpharetta

Customized Care

There’s no one-size-fits-all solution in ABA therapy. Your goals become our goals while we work with you to help your child.

Proven Methods

Our work is based on field-tested data that has proven ABA to be an effective intervention for children with autism.

Lasting Results

The gradual learning process of ABA allows children to carry over their new skills to other situations and settings.

ABA Therapists in Alpharetta, GA

When you ask ‘How can I help my child?’

We answer, ‘’We’re here to guide you every step of the way.’

Let’s face it. Finding the right help for your child with ASD can get overwhelming. Lots of options, lots of questions, little direction.

At Wonderway ABA, we look at the whole picture and provide insight that confirms you’ve found the right space for your child to shine.

Not just ABA therapy.

Wonderway ABA in Georgia provides a customized, full-service experience that empowers parents with knowledge and their kids with skills.


Get insight that offers direction. We observe and dig deeper to  provide your child with a variety of therapeutic services.

Get the processing off your head.
We handle enrollment and treatment approval with quick turnaround.

Home, center, and school-based sessions

Get support that works for you. Working in your home or at your child’s school ensures comfortable and convenient sessions that maximize results.

When you wonder,  ‘What will the future bring?’

We’ll tell you, ‘It will be wonderful’.

ABA therapy has helped kids across the autism spectrum develop valuable skills and minimize undesired behaviors. The ABA method focuses on breaking skills into small steps and rewarding the child for doing each step correctly. Its effectiveness has been proven by hundreds of studies.

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BCBAs and RBTs/BTs, your space is here.
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